Tired of It

from by Good Vibes



I'm tired of it - seeing the kids waste their potential
Letting the world go by and walk on their faces while they sit still
Trying to get by at the bare minimum 'til they write out their wills
This goes out to the kids who suffer 'cause things aren't going well
So take the talent you hold and mold it so you can dethrone
The corrosive focus of folks who try to coax us to show
That we're all a bunch of hopeless jokes in their propaganda; their hold
Let them provoke us to stand up and invoke their control
Have a voice and say no and take a deep long breath
I'm tired of the world living in this inferiority complex
How will there be progress if kids pass by cheating on tests
This is nonsense, there's no compromise for this conflict
So no promises that the next generation will be better
Teens dressed to show skin or hide cuts under their sweaters
12 year olds buying drugs and guns under the media's pressure
So I'm down here writing my thoughts underneath the cellar
Making messages that are clever to to spread good vibes or whatever
So whether I measure up to the corrupt sound waves and images
I'll still try to kill the carcinogens with my musical messages
And help kids see that their potential is limitless
So quit acting so primitive and go start building some bridges
I'm tired of seeing youth thinking they're at the end of their personal ridges
Ready to jump, ready to swallow a whole bottle of pills
The sight of depressed teens at their ends gives me the chills
And I guess I'm empathetic because I know how it feels
But it isn't their fault, it's because of pop culture's ideals
So to the kids who think they're nothing because something's gone wrong
Just know that things will change and you're worth living out life long


from Slimy, released April 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Good Vibes Kittery, Maine

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